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We started off as concierge personal trainers, running around the city of Chicago meeting with clients in-person.  After two years, we decided that we wanted to apply our style of holistic science based personal training into an online program that could reach more people. Fast forward to today and our monthly coaching program was created!  Our SpeciFit program was designed to help those who work from home, find it hard to exercise on their own and want to feel better.  Please click on the button below to read more.  

What does convenience mean to you?  We believe that the biggest barrier to health in our culture is convenience, so let us help you take down that barrier and live your best life. 


“Over time I’ve had some shoulder and back injuries and Alex has provided me with strategies that have allowed me to overcome limitations from those injuries.  Alex is the real deal!” 

-Tom P.

"Because of SpeciFit's constant support, I've been able to activate my wellness journey. I'm eating healthier, working out regularly and prioritizing self-care over an extra hour or two at the office. They've helped me restore a sense of work-life balance, it is because of their encompassing model that I feel mentally and physically healthier."

-Tori R.

“Within six months after meeting Alex, I was able to go from over 30% body fat down to 17%.  Alex has a truly special innate capability of knowing exactly how much to push me during our sessions.  And he is meticulous with technique, ensuring I am always using proper form” 

-Heather B.

"During my time with Alex, my main primary goal has been weight loss, and within the first 2 months I was able to lose 18lbs.  Alex's diet tips and prescribed workouts outside of our sessions have really helped contribute to that success."

-Andrew P.


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